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Shoulder Locking - Recording


The most common ties in the shibari community are probably gotes with hands behind the back. They are already quite complex in themselves but their manipulation on the body is even more complex. A lot of people having issues with this hands in back position especially if they starting to do suspensions. Shoulder injuries can happen over the time when tieing gotes without proper shoulder placement. But how to take care of proper hand placement? How to achieve a strong and stable shoulder position? With shoulder locking! Shoulder locking helps to protect your shoulders from too harsh manipulation of your gote and makes your gote more secure to stay in place. Shoulder locking is a must have to know for everyone who wants to tie gotes.

In this online class I will teach you the concept of shoulder locking so you will be able to use it with all your models, doesn't matter how different their bodys and shoulder might be. We will talk about why shoulder locking is so important and what might can happen if you don't do it. There will be also time for you to try out everything and ask questions afterwards.


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You can buy the recording of this class!

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