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Performance Night with Ropunawa & FreyaHellesdim

Datum: 27.01.2024
Uhrzeit: 19:00 Uhr

This event is an international one and will be held in English.

After the second day of our workshop weekend with Ropunawa & FreyaHellesdim we will have the pleasure to enjoy their company in our Performance Night, where they will also perform for us. In a beautiful atmosphere we can wittness their kind of shibari and kinbaku, in an event where we focus on emotions and dynamic instead on technique.

During the event we gonna see two performances, one by Ropunawa & Freya (Switzerland) and the other one by Dolph.vex & Sick.ducks (Netherlands).

RopuNawa discovered Shibari/Kinbaku in 2008 during a performance in Australia, sparking his journey with rope upon returning to Switzerland. Initially influenced by Osada Steve's style, taught in Switzerland at the time, he later embraced diverse teachings from various instructors. RopuNawa believes in adapting his style to meet the unique needs of each individual model, fostering a non-verbal connection. Aesthetically inspired by Akira Naka and influenced by Tifereth over the past two years, he also draws from early influences like Yoroi and Yagami Ren, shaping his preference for a "less is more" approach. Today, RopuNawa blends elements from these styles in his personal rope art, practiced and taught in his Basel dojo, while continuing to travel, attend workshops, and find inspiration from both old mentors and new encounters worldwide.

Freya came in touch with rope for the first time back in 2015. Ever since she assimilated every knowledge she could get, shared by numerous educators and, especially, countless other shibari enthusiasts, whereby she explored and deepened both, the intensity and the various dynamics with her partners. Furthermore, immersing herself into the art of bondage offers her an important platform for personal expression and self-perception. Her continuing passion has offered her the possibility to travel and share her proficiencies and conclusions internationally as a model for workshops, shootings and performances since 2018.

Dolph.vex is tying for 9 years with fluctuating intensity. He keeps coming back to it because of its versatility. Rope evolved with him and fullfilled different needs during different periods of his life. He would describe his style as a mix between violent and romantic.
Sick.ducks has been experimenting with rope for about 5 years. Intoduced to, through photoshoots in the early years, yet soon integrated in play sessions. As of the last two years their interest has developed in a different direction, focussing more on sessions with rope as an integral part. Her drive to improve as a bottom this last year has been a catalyst for their dynamic today.

You can buy something to drink and enjoy the performances. During the breaks you can use the opportunity to connect with the people who have the same passion for shibari you have!

Space & Time:

  • Happy Yoga Essen (Rüttenscheider Platz 10, Einfahrt: Rosastr. 13, Hinterhof Bauhaus, 45130 Essen)

  • Date: 27th January 2024

  • Entry: 7.00 PM

  • Performance I: 8.00 PM

  • Performance II: 9.15 PM

  • End: 11.00 PM

If you find yourself in a financial situation where you can't afford the regular price, please drop me a line and we'll find a solution together!

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