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Emotional landscape bulding with and in rope - Anna Noctuelle

Datum: 10.08.2024
Uhrzeit: 11:00
Dauer: 6 Stunden
150€ per couple / Einzelpreis

This event is an international one and will be held in English.


Anna Noctuelle is a highly experienced and versatile Shibari practitioner with over 18 years of experience. Her journey with Shibari began as a personal discovery and has since evolved into a multifaceted practice encompassing teaching, modelling and performing. Her dedication to sharing her passion for Shibari has taken her to various rope communities across Europe teaching workshops and captivating audiences with performances since 2016.

Anna’s artistic journey has been deeply influenced by her diverse background. With a foundation in classical dance and breath work practice, she brings grace, elegance, and a keen sense of body awareness to her Shibari practice. Her exploration of Buddhism, tantra and meditation, as well as her commitment to yoga, have shaped her aesthetic and philosophical approach to Shibari, lending it a spiritual depth and tranquility. Being a linguist in her other life she’s constantly exploring the communicative aspects of Shibari. Anna Noctuelle’s blend of skills, knowledge, and experience make her an exceptional practitioner and educator of Shibari who understands what it means create safe and inclusive learning environments which reward inquiry, curiosity, courage, experimentation and playfulness.

Read more at her website:


Magic happens just beyond the familiar. This workshop uniquely combines interdisciplinary practices with Shibari, offering a profound exploration of emotional and physical connections through rope bondage via one acting and one somatic practice.
Morning Session: Meisner for Shibari
Sanford Meisner's philosophy that "acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances" mirrors the deep, truthful connections sought in Shibari. Through his renowned exercise, we will explore verbal non-verbal communication and emotional responsiveness, learning to read and react to your partner's subtle cues with instinct and spontaneity. This session focuses on building emotional freedom and versatility, deepening the connection between the rigger and the model, and enriching the emotional texture of your rope scenes.
Afternoon Session: Authentic Movement and Shibari
The afternoon delves into Authentic Movement, encouraging you to listen intently to your body and respond to its narratives and needs. This practice provides a safe space for bodily storytelling, accessing deeper creative and unconscious layers of experience. The combination of Authentic Movement and Shibari allows partners to craft a nuanced and emotionally charged story through their rope work.
The class is for all levels. You should have had some experience with rope and know the basics of rope handling.

Time & Space

  • Happy Yoga Essen (Rüttenscheider Platz 10, Einfahrt: Rosastr. 13, Hinterhof Bauhaus, 45130 Essen)
  • Date: 10th August 2024
  • Entry: 10:45 AM
  • Start: 11:00 AM
  • End: 5:00 PM

The class will only happen if 4 or more couples gonna register for this class, otherwise we gonna refund payed tickets.

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