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Anna Noctuelle Workshop Bundle (Friday+Sunday)

Datum: 09.08.+11.08.2024
Uhrzeit: 11:00-17:00 each
Dauer: 6 Stunden

This event is an international one and will be held in English.

With this bundle you gonna purchase the Friday and Sunday Bundle of workshops with Anna Noctuelle. Purchasing a bundle means you gonna save some money and you get free entrance for the performance night on saturday evening! The weekend will be split in 2 topics:

An essential guide to Rope Bottoming

Shibari education often focuses heavily on the tying, especially in the initial stages, to the extent that we often forget how important the role of the model/bottom is. Being 50% of the dynamic, the person inside the ropes plays a significant role in influencing the scene and its progression. Similar to an experienced rigger, an experienced model can elevate the shared experience by keeping themselves (and their rigger) safe, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries, and allowing for better flow and communication, ultimately resulting in better play.
This evening will cover some of the skills and knowledge required for bottoming in rope, such as negotiation and consent, physical considerations, injuries and risks as well as tipps and trick for rope modelling.

The workshop will be a mix of discussions, Q&A, and practical exercises. However, there will be no tying in this workshop.


The class is for all levels and could be especially beneficial for those early into their rope journey, but we will adapt the material to suit the participants' level. No previous experience is needed. Bringing a rigger is not required, but we firmly believe that Shibari—regardless of which side of the ropes is being taught—concerns both parties, and educating yourself on both sides holds huge benefits.

Time & Space

  • Happy Yoga Essen (Rüttenscheider Platz 10, Einfahrt: Rosastr. 13, Hinterhof Bauhaus, 45130 Essen)
  • Date: 9th August 2024
  • Entry: 6:45 PM
  • Start: 7:00 Pm
  • End: 10:00 PM

Being tied - Ropebottoming on a higher level

In this workshop we will explore a spectrum of styles, from passive to active engagement, and common mistakes of being "unhelpfully helpful." We will look at the nuances of micro movements and non-verbal communication to convey emotions and intentions.
We will uncover the intricate interplay between harnesses, body positions, movement, and the rich tapestry of emotions going with it. Through exercises and discussions, we'll illuminate the connection between physicality and psychological states, deepening our understanding of the expressive potential inherent in every rope scene.
As the day unfolds, we'll venture into the realm of Semenawa and other challenging scenarios. We'll cultivate rituals that ground and center us, craft emotional landscapes that captivate the senses, and harness psychological strategies to navigate complex dynamics. While we show different ties - which are challenging in different ways, we address a common challenge faced by both - models and riggers: the breakdown of communication when faced with challenging moments but also riding the wave and exploring the edge in a safe and informed way by developing awareness of internal signals and emotional responses, accurately describing sensations and experiences and learning how to regulate our nervous system.
Throughout the day we will be training body awareness and communication skills to elevate our rope scenes and give more confidence in riding the edge.
Riggers should be able to tie the most common harnesses and safely handle uplines (partials and/or suspensions), models should have some experience in TKs or similar upper body harnesses and know the difference between signs of loss of circulation and nerve impingement.

Time & Space

  • Happy Yoga Essen (Rüttenscheider Platz 10, Einfahrt: Rosastr. 13, Hinterhof Bauhaus, 45130 Essen)
  • Date: 11th August 2024
  • Entry: 10:45 AM
  • Start: 11:00 AM
  • End: 5:00 PM


Anna Noctuelle is a highly experienced and versatile Shibari practitioner with over 18 years of experience. Her journey with Shibari began as a personal discovery and has since evolved into a multifaceted practice encompassing teaching, modelling and performing. Her dedication to sharing her passion for Shibari has taken her to various rope communities across Europe teaching workshops and captivating audiences with performances since 2016.

Anna’s artistic journey has been deeply influenced by her diverse background. With a foundation in classical dance and breath work practice, she brings grace, elegance, and a keen sense of body awareness to her Shibari practice. Her exploration of Buddhism, tantra and meditation, as well as her commitment to yoga, have shaped her aesthetic and philosophical approach to Shibari, lending it a spiritual depth and tranquility. Being a linguist in her other life she’s constantly exploring the communicative aspects of Shibari. Anna Noctuelle’s blend of skills, knowledge, and experience make her an exceptional practitioner and educator of Shibari who understands what it means create safe and inclusive learning environments which reward inquiry, curiosity, courage, experimentation and playfulness.

Read more at her website:

The classes will only happen if 4 or more couples gonna register for this class, otherwise we gonna refund payed tickets.

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