Futomomo - International Online Class

Futomomo is Japanese and translated means thigh. In this tie, the shinbone and the thigh are tied together, a position that holds many possibilities but also emotions. Originally, this tie was intended as a kind of torture tie, because especially the pressure on the shinbone can cause pain.

However, each person is different in their pain tolerance zone, which is why I would like to present not just one simple futomomo in this workshop, but three directly. All three futomomos are different in structure, all bring their advantages as well as disadvantages and are different in complexity, so everyone has the opportunity to find their perfect futomomo. By the end of the evening, everyone should be able to tie up at least one futomomo that has suspension level (no futomomo suspension will be covered in the workshop though).

The online class will be hold in english and we give you the opportunity to tie along in this class. You will have the possibilities to give feedback and ask questions about problems which occured during your practise.



- safely tied Single Column Tie

-Frictions understanding


- As single person or as a couple

- Registration by Mail to mieneko@gmx.de or with the booking possibility of the Webseite

- Payment in advance


- 25€ per person/couple

- we offer social tickets for those who can't afford the normal price - 20€

- for this purpose we also offer supporter tickets for those who can pay a little bit more and support us to make the social tickets available - 30€

Time and how to attend:

- There will be a zoom meeting (you will get the meeting-ID after paying your ticket)

- Date: 30.01.2021

- Start: 17.00 o'clock (UTC+1)

- End: 19.00 o'clock (UTC+1)

Please be aware that you are only allowed to attend for this workshop when you are 18 years or older.

If you have further question just contact me! I am looking forward to meet you (online),