Explore you(r model)

As models, we rarely get to enjoy a workshop that is all about us. We are often expected to bring exactly the same skills or mindset to a workshop as the presenting workshop model, while our rigger are learning new techniques. But what if we are different? But what if we have different skills and different mindsets? Which ones are there in the first place? Are there perhaps some that I have not yet discovered in myself?

There are so many ways to be a model. Active, passive, something in between. Loud, quiet, something in between. Verbal, non-verbal, something in between. Surrender, fight, something in between...

This workshop is about models being able to try themselves out. Doing things they have never done before, stepping out of their comfort zone and having new experiences for themselves. The point is to find out: what am I good at? What do I enjoy doing? What is good for me?

And also: what do I not like? What does not feel good?

Their riggers should support them in this, give them the space to reinvent themselves and give them the safe feeling that trying something new is not weird but has its raison d'être. And maybe riggers will find new skills in their models that excite them, that they want to explore further or promote.

In the workshop we will look at different possibilities to act, to feel and to deal with and in different situation. You will always decide in which direction you want to go and how you want to implement and interpret things for yourself. We will explore your bodies in a technical way and your minds in different moods. This includes exercises about: -- how to consens negotiate -- how to stay focused in stress situations

-- how to deal with sleeping hands, backbends, restricted breathing, torsions - how to find a good balance between following your rigger and overhelping -- what kind of model "types" are there

The workshop addresses couples who want to focus on the education of the model, doesn’t matter how much experience they have. The exercise can be adapted to every skill level and necessary ties will be shown! I'm looking forward to discuss and share our findings during the workshop, so it will be quite interactive.



- safely tied Single Column Tie

-Frictions understanding


- As a couple

- Registration by Mail to mieneko@gmx.de or with the booking possibility of the Webseite

- Payment in advance


- 30€ per person/couple

- we offer social tickets for those who can't afford the normal price

- for this purpose we also offer supporter tickets for those who can pay a little bit more and support us to make the social tickets available - 35€

- spotting ticket available for 15€

Time and how to attend:

- There will be a zoom meeting (you will get the meeting-ID after paying your ticket)

- Date: 06.03.2021

- Start: 16.00 o'clock (UTC+1)

- End: 19.00 o'clock (UTC+1)

Please be aware that you are only allowed to attend for this workshop when you are 18 years or older.

If you have further question just contact me! I am looking forward to meet you (online),