Bodymanipulation No.1 - International Online Class

"Someone who can tie a little but can move a body well will reach his model more easily than someone who can tie a lot but knows nothing about the body."

Body manipulation is the art of moving and shaping the model's body without much effort from the active partner. When tying we work with rope and bodies, but far too often we forget between knots and complicated techniques that we are not tying a lifeless object, but a person with feelings. A person who wants to surrender and let go.

As rigger we are often faced with the task of being in control in all facets. But how is this possible if I don't know how to move myself or my partner? How can I harmonize my own body with the body of my partner?

And as models we often ask ourselves: how much do I actually have to help? What if I cannot help my rigger to move? How can I not be a burden to my rigger?

All these questions will be addressed by us in this workshop. We want to explore the path from standing to siting/kneeling, to the floor and back, and stop at each level to explore the movement possibilities that await us there. We approach this topic from two directions. I have invited Luke from the Anvil Selfdefense in Bochum, Germany, who will bring his techniques and his knowledge of martial arts to this workshop. I, in turn, will bring in my dance experiences, so that we will create an interesting mixture of both backgrounds.

We would also like to address the problems you encounter in your regular tying. There is a way for every model-rigger constellation to move fluently, no matter how big your difference in size, strength or weight is.

We offer this class after huge interest of the international community in this topic. The online class will be hold in english and we give you the opportunity to tie along in this class. After each exercise you will have the possibilities to give feedback and ask questions about problems which occured during your practise.



- safely tied Single Column Tie


- As a couples

- Registration by Mail to or with the booking possibility of the Webseite

- Payment in advance


- 50€ per couple

- we offer social tickets for those who can't afford the normal price - 40€

- for this purpose we also offer supporter tickets for those who can pay a little bit more and support us to make the social tickets available - 60€

Time and how to attend:

- There will be a zoom meeting (you will get the meeting-ID after paying your ticket)

- Date: 21.11.2020

- Start: 17.00 o'clock (UTC+2)

- End: 20.00 o'clock (UTC+2)

Please be aware that you are only allowed to attend for this workshop when you are 18 years or older.

If you have further question just contact me! We are looking forward to meet you (online),

Mie & Luke